For almost one decade, the Amrho name has stood for quality and for customer service and care. There has never been a better time for you to join the Amrho family, whatever your stage of life. Amrho cordially invites you to explore and learn more about our Amrho Lay-Bye Vacations®.

Amrho Lay-Bye Vacations® enables you to access Amrho Holiday Resorts and literally thousands of destinations around the world.

Whether it be city breaks or oceanfront resorts, Amrho Lay-Bye Vacations® can fulfil your wish.

Taking regular Vacations is key to both physical and mental rejuvenation. Vacations allow you to take the needed, but often neglected, time for you and your family to rediscover the magic in even the simplest of pleasures.

Don’t settle for another visit to just another hotel, discover what sets Amrho Lay-Bye Vacations® apart from traditional timeshare holiday ownership and experience the pleasures and peace of mind that comes from experiencing our wonderful Lay-Bye Vacations® for years to come.


Amrho Lay-Bye Vacations® is a a 10 Year Vacation / Holiday package which includes the following:

  • Our luxury units feature all the comforts of home away from home with perks.
  • Free Flights Included (first 2 years*) (Any regularly Scheduled Airport location in RSA)
  • Free Airport Transfers to the Lodge for 10 Years
  • Free Breakfast for the duration of your stay for 10 years
  • Free 2 x Guided excursions during your 7 Night stay for 10 years
  • Free non-motorised sports, variety of activities and entertainment options for 10 years

Current Destinations Available on Lay-Bye Vacations®:

Antbear Lodge – Luxury Eco Lodge – Drakensberg

Get up to 60% off the rack rate when you book a Lay-Bye Vacations Holiday with Amrho.

For more Information contact us:

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Email: packages@amrho.com 
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